Spiral Story

I am sensing/feeling/seeing (intuiting) cycles moving through rhythms of expansion and contraction. My personal journey of moving away from home years ago feels like expansion and now my interest in moving back home feels like contraction. As I was driving to work yesterday I asked myself if this (+/-) energy in motion (e-motion) was a circle. No, that did not make sense. So, I stayed with it, letting the circle speak, and saw a spiral! Yes that does make sense! I have been seeing spirals for months in my Sunday drum meditations. And I have been drawing their circular lines. What is their story?

The following chapter Kundalini Dragon, from my book S/Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, tells of my first spiral sighting.

Itzhak Bentova, a Czech-born Israeli scientist, inventor, mystic and author, and early pioneer of consciousness studies, said that consciousness is “the capacity of a system to respond to stimuli.” The following dream and visions were just that stimuli to spark, within me, a new wave of consciousness.

Dream, 2/1993
A creature, spiral in design, emerges from a dark mist. I pick it up and peel something away. Salamander has come to me! Tenderly protecting it with my hands, I look for a place to set it free near the forest for protection and water for nourishment.
Dreamtime salamander had an emotional impact on me that emanated from my heart and solar plexus chakras. It was an arcing energy—circular and motherly as I birthed a new part of myself. Salamander was so dear to me that I hired a local Native American artist to draw a logo of it for my business cards and website, Community Threads.

Vision, 4/1993
Strange energies present this day. I am irritable and withdrawn. I see salamander mouth above me, larger than me. I see rough, scaly flesh and wings. I think, Flying … and … dragon! Is my salamander turning into a dragon? He’s much bigger now.

Vision, 7/1993
I look down the neck of a dragon, seeing above his eyes. I see what he sees. I am inside dragon, looking directly through his eyes. I have felt motherly toward salamander and dragon—as if they were something external to nurture. This new sensation of wrapping around something inside me is a feeling of integration from within—I am dragon!

Author Mary Scott writes in Kundalini in the Physical World, (PenquinGroup/1983), “All energies at work in bodies become Kundalini forces as soon as they enter dense matter. Similarly all becomes part of the earth as soon as it manifests within its field of forces.”
My dense matter had been the recipient of Kundalini and this “field of forces” had much more to reveal.

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