I left my home town of Tacoma twice to find myself and a spiritual community and I did find deeper parts of myself and many spiritual communities.

Many months ago I sensed an inner shift and that I wanted to be back home with family. I mentioned this to a daughter and let it unfold. My plan to move was June but due to unexpected circumstances I am moving sooner than expected. This is significant in that karma with one individual ends as I cut the cords. It is Love that moves me home. Love that is within and not somewhere else to be sought after. It feels like a complete circle and I know what that means—-a new circle and cycle begins with more lessons about Love, Truth and Life.

What do stress tests say about making big changes such as moving and finding a new job all at the same time? They stress the stress. Me? My backbone is strong, my nerves like steel and my heart red hot. So here I go!

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