Reptilian Brain Stem

spinal cord

We are Serpent. Just look at our core!!

The back of my neck has played a significant role in my spiritual journey. I am now connecting the dots and end up at the reptilian brain stem that connects the brain and the spinal column.

Neck snap:
At age thirty I experienced a “snap” at the back of neck that left me paralyzed for three days. This sudden Kundalini awakening changed my brain body as I was jolted out of Beta brain wave of ordinary reality.

Dream of snake wrapped around my neck:
I am walking with a man who is taller than I am. We see a snake. It wants to get close to me and I freak out—a physical snake is different from a mystical one. It wraps around my neck and I consciously work to stay calm. I focus and attune to the snake. I feel its presence around my neck moving left to right, then hear it make a sharp sound at, and then in, my right ear. The man unwraps the snake from my neck very carefully because it’s tangled in my hair. He lifts the snake high. I think he’s going to throw it but he gently places it on the ground. The man then strokes my head and neck.

Neck and cobra:
I had a massage recently. The masseuse started at the back of my neck with the axis and atlas vertebrae. Instantly a snake’s face appeared with its coiled body beneath. I asked what it was doing. It started to dance. So we danced! Yes, a happy dance! Then I saw many coiled snakes spread out across dark space.

The reptilian brain stem is a gateway for the pineal and pituitary glands and chakras.

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