Monthly Archive: February 2019


I woke up to a sheet of teal color via mind’s inner Eye or what I like to call Dragon Eye. Teal is the color of the tall “commander’s” robe who stands at my right. I see him through inner Eye and heard “Galactic Federation.” I will try to draw him and add the color. I need a hypnotherapy session to go deeper or I need to change my diet to go deeper. This diet thing has been the most difficult because food is emotional comfort for me and that goes deep. Gotta release old patterns to let new ones in.

So much happens in our sleep. We time travel to spend time with beings in other dimensions, we unravel codes in the subconscious and we get clarity on the next piece of information/inspiration in our expanding consciousness.

I see and know duality as male (+) and female (-). These two energy forces that flow through my Dragon body have one Source but express differently as parts of One whole. Lately I am experiencing these two as Expansion and Contraction. I woke up to this new piece of awareness:

Expansion = Masculine = Achieving = Doing

Contraction = Feminine = Being = Listening

Human activity has been masculine for a long, long time and it is destroying life on Earth. Contraction has to be part of the equation. Feminine Being brings balance to the whole. Without it we perish.

Spiral Story

I am sensing/feeling/seeing (intuiting) cycles moving through rhythms of expansion and contraction. My personal journey of moving away from home years ago feels like expansion and now my interest in moving back home feels like contraction. As I was driving to work yesterday I asked myself if this (+/-) energy in motion (e-motion) was a circle. No, that did not make sense. So, I stayed with it, letting the circle speak, and saw a spiral! Yes that does make sense! I have been seeing spirals for months in my Sunday drum meditations. And I have been drawing their circular lines. What is their story?

The following chapter Kundalini Dragon, from my book S/Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, tells of my first spiral sighting.

Itzhak Bentova, a Czech-born Israeli scientist, inventor, mystic and author, and early pioneer of consciousness studies, said that consciousness is “the capacity of a system to respond to stimuli.” The following dream and visions were just that stimuli to spark, within me, a new wave of consciousness.

Dream, 2/1993
A creature, spiral in design, emerges from a dark mist. I pick it up and peel something away. Salamander has come to me! Tenderly protecting it with my hands, I look for a place to set it free near the forest for protection and water for nourishment.
Dreamtime salamander had an emotional impact on me that emanated from my heart and solar plexus chakras. It was an arcing energy—circular and motherly as I birthed a new part of myself. Salamander was so dear to me that I hired a local Native American artist to draw a logo of it for my business cards and website, Community Threads.

Vision, 4/1993
Strange energies present this day. I am irritable and withdrawn. I see salamander mouth above me, larger than me. I see rough, scaly flesh and wings. I think, Flying … and … dragon! Is my salamander turning into a dragon? He’s much bigger now.

Vision, 7/1993
I look down the neck of a dragon, seeing above his eyes. I see what he sees. I am inside dragon, looking directly through his eyes. I have felt motherly toward salamander and dragon—as if they were something external to nurture. This new sensation of wrapping around something inside me is a feeling of integration from within—I am dragon!

Author Mary Scott writes in Kundalini in the Physical World, (PenquinGroup/1983), “All energies at work in bodies become Kundalini forces as soon as they enter dense matter. Similarly all becomes part of the earth as soon as it manifests within its field of forces.”
My dense matter had been the recipient of Kundalini and this “field of forces” had much more to reveal.


I left my home town of Tacoma twice to find myself and a spiritual community and I did find deeper parts of myself and many spiritual communities.

Many months ago I sensed an inner shift and that I wanted to be back home with family. I mentioned this to a daughter and let it unfold. My plan to move was June but due to unexpected circumstances I am moving sooner than expected. This is significant in that karma with one individual ends as I cut the cords. It is Love that moves me home. Love that is within and not somewhere else to be sought after. It feels like a complete circle and I know what that means—-a new circle and cycle begins with more lessons about Love, Truth and Life.

What do stress tests say about making big changes such as moving and finding a new job all at the same time? They stress the stress. Me? My backbone is strong, my nerves like steel and my heart red hot. So here I go!

Sacred Sexuality

I wrote the following comment in response to David Wilcock’s video What Is Human Beings Means?

It’s 4:25 am and I am feeling internal pressure to say something I have never said in public:

Words matter in the same way food matters. Words create an external environment in the same way food creates an internal environment and both are alchemical—transmuting lead to gold or lead to more lead.

positive.negativeI never allowed my children to say “fuck” in my presence. When possible I continue to request this from others. Why? Why do I feel so strongly about this? Because the word represents a sacred act of union between male and female. Many people on earth throw the word around in the same way they throw their bodies around without any consciousness of the alchemy they are creating for themselves, others and the planet.

People tell me that it’s just a slang word and I need to “get over it”. The problem is I experienced union between my Sacred Feminine (intuition) and Sacred Masculine (logic) years ago when I started my spiritual journey. Their intimately honest relationship (logic backing up emotion/emotion backing up logic) activated my wing chakra and introduced me to Dragon.

There is nothing more intimate or sacred than this internal fire of sexual union. So, I am sensitive to and conscious of this word and now (since I’ve heard David talk about certain food as “weaponry”) I see that profanity is used in the same way: to keep our vibration low and to keep our planet cloaked in dark toxicity.

I challenge anyone to open up mind (male) and heart (female) and let new words of light pour through. Let this sacred sexuality play out from within and let this magical way of being in the world but not of it make a positive/healthy difference.

David, thanks for your apology after speaking the word. You are conscious whereas most are not. My Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine are grateful for this safe place, this platform, to speak out—to be sexually active.

My Dragon is happy about this, S/He is flying high!

Photon DNA = Sacred Marriage

I am now listening to Corey Goode and David Wilcock via YouTube and appreciate hearing them talk about Angels, Blue Avians and the value of “going within.”

In David Wilcock’s The DNA Changing I hear that “the photon carries the code for life” via the DNA molecule.

This affirms the role of the master pineal gland and it’s reception and distribution of Light through the chakra system, endocrine system, etc. The master gland has a mistress, the pituitary gland and these two create the “sacred marriage” that I describe in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings.

What if we taught our children about their inner relationship? Would they better see sutratmahow sacred they are?

Reptilian Brain Stem

spinal cord

We are Serpent. Just look at our core!!

The back of my neck has played a significant role in my spiritual journey. I am now connecting the dots and end up at the reptilian brain stem that connects the brain and the spinal column.

Neck snap:
At age thirty I experienced a “snap” at the back of neck that left me paralyzed for three days. This sudden Kundalini awakening changed my brain body as I was jolted out of Beta brain wave of ordinary reality.

Dream of snake wrapped around my neck:
I am walking with a man who is taller than I am. We see a snake. It wants to get close to me and I freak out—a physical snake is different from a mystical one. It wraps around my neck and I consciously work to stay calm. I focus and attune to the snake. I feel its presence around my neck moving left to right, then hear it make a sharp sound at, and then in, my right ear. The man unwraps the snake from my neck very carefully because it’s tangled in my hair. He lifts the snake high. I think he’s going to throw it but he gently places it on the ground. The man then strokes my head and neck.

Neck and cobra:
I had a massage recently. The masseuse started at the back of my neck with the axis and atlas vertebrae. Instantly a snake’s face appeared with its coiled body beneath. I asked what it was doing. It started to dance. So we danced! Yes, a happy dance! Then I saw many coiled snakes spread out across dark space.

The reptilian brain stem is a gateway for the pineal and pituitary glands and chakras.