November’s Revelations

November 11, 2018
Drumming, I stood in front of the Hobbit Door stump and went in and up becoming one with tree. “Imagination is in the Eye of the beholder” are words that followed. This is a good example of how the Feminine leads with intuitive sensations and the Masculine follows with words of logic. Without the Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland) one is trapped in Third Dimension with its square lines and flat spaces. At the end of the drumming meditation a golden spiral moved from drum outward and upward toward Sun. Logic spoke again: “What is the difference between sunlight and spiritual Light?” Is it One energetic life force? If so, we are swimming in–as a people and as a planet–Higher Power !!

Ground Up Spiral
November 18, 2018
Drumming, I stood in front of the Hobbit Door and stayed close in, grounded. Rhinoceros came into mind’s eye, large and vivid. There is much written about the meaning of Rhino under Totem Animals. For me Rhino represents a “grounding” presence which is what my new cycle is about. A friend in the UFOlogy community suggested “Unicorn” as a connection and that makes sense. I was reminded, when reading a children’s book to the little girls I nanny, that some Unicorn horns are spiral in design—magical! There is that spiral again that has been showing up for months in my drum meditations. As I closed this drumming meditation a golden spiral moved out from me into the universe. Why has the spiral shifted directions moving out and up now instead of down?

November 21, 2018
Lucid dream: Standing on a high cliff I spread my arms and dive into the unknown. I fly toward a surface and sense it fast approaching. I land gently, hands first and then my head and body—like the child’s pose in yoga. I am suspended in this space/time (like a freeze frame image) and can’t move or talk. People gather around me but I cannot respond. Then something shifts and I come into this consciousness. This suspension is like the experience I had when Vimal Soneji introduced me to the mudras. I am sensing that this freeze frame suspension is going to happen on a massive scale. Will it be at the time of polar shift or when Galactic Craft become visible to the human eye?

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