Gamma Joy

My hand felt the impulse to draw these Feminine lines similar to those in my book S/He Dragon. The act flowed like water–effortless. The designs are my “crop circles”! My signature! Are they sounding in 432 Hertz which is a harmonic light frequency that ‘speaks’ or ‘resonates’ directly with our cells? I get a “Yes” !! Light is sound and sound moves matter. So listen to your body when it wants to draw, paint, dance, do Tai Chi, laugh, write poetry, etc. 432 Hertz is Gamma Zone JOY. Do this for yourself and for Gaia who is resonating at this frequency. Here is the true meaning of Oneness !!


  1. Andrea

    Beautiful, peaceful, gestalt. Zen-Feminine tracings that pull self to inner frequencies.

  2. Patricia Lee (Post author)

    Thank you Andrea! Glad we speak the same language that I call The Language of the Sacred Feminine as well as Dragon Speak!


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