Monthly Archive: February 2018

Inner Fire, Inner Joy

Listen, watch for inner guidance
And walk on water
Rolling with its rhythmic waves
Up, down and around
Spiraling motion of energy-in-motion
Moving us upward, evolving
Sustaining inner fire of Joy
Begone spiritual starvation
Begone lost soul parts
Joy carries us home
Even in these dark times and places
Such is the power of inner guidance


Chord of Addiction

This chord of attachment has much to say about addiction at personal and collective levels. As always I will let this information unfold via inspiration. This means that I listen to inner guidance/inner nudging regarding how to articulate this information. Right now I will say that Planet Earth is entangled in this chord. Light can loosen and release it. This is personal work that runs deep. Not everyone is interested or willing. Those who are know who you are!