Monthly Archive: October 2017

UFO iTeam and Big Foot

UFO iTeam, Glacier WA
October 22, 2017

On Sunday, October 22, the UFO iTeams were driving to the next film set to interview The Orb Lady at her cabin along the north fork of the Nooksack River. Riding in the diesel truck one of the cast members said that he wondered how I would experience the energy of the land. His invitation gave me focused intention. When I got out of the truck and scanned the autumnal landscape of Mt. Baker’s wilderness I instantly felt and heard “BIG FOOT.” The expansive sensation and message was familiar as I had a similar experience when I was in the Methow Valley for the Faery and Human Relations Congress. It’s as if these mystical beings have a collective impression or song. I have not yet met an individual Big Foot as I have the Faery Folk whose presence I have encountered at waterfalls, green grottos and wildflowers. Perhaps by spending more time in wilderness I will meet them. In the UFO community “experiencers” are those who experience non-human (alien) life forms with their five senses. As a mystic, a seer, I access additional senses.

Arcturian Message


Arcturian Message for Light Workers of Earth
October 15, 2017 Earth Time

A dark curse is being projected onto your Earth. This thick, heavy pressure is intentional.
Dark Overlords in outer space trigger darkness in inner space of those who do their bidding.
The intention is to drain Green Life out of Feminine Gaia — individually and collectively — to make Her barren.
This is not new. Just look at the other barren planets in your system.
In the turbulence, in the chaos, Light shines. You are Angel-Human.
Align with us, your Oversoul Guardians.
Align Angelic Human with Angelic Arcturian.
Support Life on Earth and throughout the Galactic Family.

Arcturian Lesson


Hypnotherapy and Trance State
October 9, 2017
Past Life Session

I am kneeling before three Arcturian Guides/Guardians
They are very tall and hold staffs
From this platform I descend into a past life
A young girl in pinafore raises her arms to welcome me
A green crystal cave is next to her
The young girl takes my hand
I am large and nebulous, an energetic being
I am Deva like, Deva of green crystal cave
An emotional wave of loneliness washes over me
I am lonely for home inside cave of inner Earth
(Heart felt emotion validates past life experience as Angel-Human reality. In other words, one is not a robot, a machine with a cold and empty heart.)

Earth Mission

I exchanged hypnotherapy practice sessions with a new friend yesterday and went into a past life that was magical. I ascended out of that life (via a green crystal cave located in inner Earth) and found myself kneeling in front of my Arcturian “Tall Ones.” They gave me specific information about the Crown Chakra revealing Earth’s crown chakra and how that supports ET actvity. I did not tape the session because I have not been tech oriented. That is going to change. Information was coming in too fast and a recording will be the best way to remember the stories and teachings. Arcturians are Angelic Beings working with us to raise our vibrational frequency. I am here on Earth to assist that mission which is to enlighten matter.