Cosmic Photo Album

I am adding two new “cosmic family” members to this ongoing blog and photo album. What is common about this family? What is our common DNA? Light and Matter. My book, this blog and photo album reveals my relationship with Light.
Mother Mary appeared the morning of July 4 at ECETI Ranch’s Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference / Activating the Master Within.
Her misty and mystical face became part of our sacred dance movements. She looked just like the painted image that was hanging in a frame on the conference room wall. In a hushed voice I said, “Mother Mary is here.” Her subtle nature was an affirmation of the Sacred Feminine.
Grey ET
Returning home July 4 and falling asleep that night I saw two large black almond eyes with the outline of a Grey ET face. It filled up the entire screen of my mind’s Eye. It was so large I almost missed it. My response was silence as I listened and watched for what was to happen next. I then felt a vibrational frequency above me at the right (the same side/pathway that has been providing significant information lately). It was a here/now moment, both simple and profound. Just like Dragon, ET Greys get a bad rap.

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