“Ah-Ha” Moments

Don’t you just love “Ah-Ha” moments? Those times when dots—the puzzle pieces of life—connect in your mind and you see a larger picture? I experienced such a moment last week during hypnotherapy training. After a couple of days I noticed that I kept reaching out with my right hand to touch a few classmate’s upper back. I did this with affection and appreciation for them and it was an energy release, a grounding, for me. At one point it dawned on me that my hand was connecting with their Angel Wings—Ah-Ha! This conscious awareness of my subconscious behavior was enlightening. It’s fun to observe how energy or Light moves through my body expressing emotion.

My personal relationship with Light began years ago, at age twenty-five, when Archangel Michael visited me in meditation. His spiritual presence shifted my body and my world. He continues to be present in my life and I keep meeting people who know Angel Michael because he has touched their life in a personal way.

Light moves through matter that I AM enlivening and animating my physical systems. This same Light can be prevented from moving through my body creating a hole or tear in my aura or Matrix Web. After five days of feeling buoyant, upbeat and clear I hit turbulence. What happened? Why the change? Do I look around for someone or something external to blame? My subconscious provided the answer: I had behaved and spoke in ways that were out of balance, unhealthy, and not of my highest self. As a result I experienced instant Karma! This, too, was an “Ah-Ha” moment giving me information and inspiration to stay out of toxic habits.

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