Holy Socks !!

In morning meditation I was reminded of my recent “sock” encounter:

My socks have been “singing” to me, catching my attention. I notice that the new pairs I purchased are thicker, brighter and feel more luxurious on my feet. I respect my socks and would never let them get holes or thread bare. Why?

In hypnotic regression years ago, I learned that one of my past lives occurred during Ireland’s Potato Famine. It was very emotional for m e to be in trance state of mind and see my gunny sack dress, dirty bare feet, mud floor and empty bowl in my hands. And it was an “Ah-Ha” moment to link the starvation in that lifetime with food binges in this one.

What are these threads that connect now to then and then to now?

It is the “pinging” of a guitar string, the strum of a harp. It is the motion of emotion on the Matrix Web holding past, present and future events. I call this the Language of the Sacred Feminine.

The field of human emotion is full of holes—like old worn socks. Holes where words were withheld. Holes where emotions were cut off. Holes where negative toxins burned through. Holes where colors faded.

How long is it okay to wear old, worn out socks? How long will it be until one invests in a new pair? It is our personal responsibility to connect the threads and heal our emotional field. It is time for new socks!

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