Breath of Life

web with holes
Beings here on Earth and in other dimensions are connected, like a jigsaw puzzle, inhaling one ocean of energy and exhaling multi waves of identity and expression. This breath work is our collective matrix. What does our matrix look like? Is it intact or does it have holes? What others do affects and moves me; what I do affects and moves others. The greatest gift one can offer oneself and others is self-healing, the purifying of one’s Breath of Life.

The matrix is alive, breathing feminine inspiration filtered through the heart, and breathing masculine information filtered through the mind. In rhythmic harmony (resonance) these two opposites breathe as one. In dissonance they create chaos.

Negative space is speaking to me, teasing me, as if playing hide-and-seek with “come-out-come-out, wherever you are!” I hear it in the reverberating hum of my drum, in between drum beats. I begin to sense it in the work I am doing to change old habits regarding food choices, multi-tasking, and moving too fast. I listen and look more closely, behind the scenes and around the corners. Is this where healing begins, in the spaces in between?


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