Monthly Archive: March 2017

Crystal Clear Orbit


Hidden secrets, outright lies and tiny fibs lay just beneath the surface of our psyches. These underground energies lash out here, there and everywhere with a life of their own. They are far from dormant.

Imagine your own life and the lies that you have told yourself and others. Imagine the life of Mother Earth and the eons of lies she has heard and thus holds in her energy field and circling orbit.

As we humans heal ourselves through Truth telling we heal our Mother. The parts and the whole become crystal clear and Her orbital path around the Sun sparkles a new song and dance.

Cosmic Lens

cosmic lens
It happened last night as I shut my eyes for sleep. It has happened before: A shift at my Third Eye opens to dark cosmic space filled with white lights. I/we fly through leaving a wake in space. This lasts for a split second. The sensation is one of a lens opening at my Third Eye. It is a vibrational shift and I wonder: Can I learn to open this lens at will? Not having any training in this sort of thing I will leave the instructions to my inner guides — as usual. I have a host of cosmic/extraterrestrial friends who show up unexpectedly. Maybe they can assist in this new awakening. I welcome their support.