Circle of Consciousness

multi circle

Being very right brain I see in pictures and being whole brained I talk in Dragon Speak.

I went to the Korean spa today for a massage. At the end I was blissing out in stillness and started to express gratitude to the multi-dimensional beings who have introduced themselves to me over many years.

As I started to identify them they arced West, North, East and then went underground…..South, West and North. I wondered: Do these beings hold space and radiate lines outward?

Does this full circle represent human consciousness (mine, yours, ours) with higher consciousness above ground and sub-conscious below ground? And is this whole not the balance of Light and Dark?

Such is this mystery that I live and that lives me. One thing is for sure…the parts are coming together into one whole and providing new understanding as to how it all fits together.

Another puzzle piece awaits. I love puzzles !!

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