Monthly Archive: December 2016

Portal for Change

Every morning I am “instructed” (a calling or a pulling) to drum and meditate and so….I am! This morning a bright silver disc appeared in the uppermost NE corner of my mind’s inner eye. Then I received the message that I am / We are portals for Light moving to, through and from matter. This gives me a sense of purpose and JOY !! Be a Light Worker and change matter !!

Goddess is Born

I awoke at 3:00 am to the words of a poem I wrote years ago and in my book S/He Dragon, page 47.

In the hush
Amidst the noise of humankind crying
And Mother Earth dying
Goddess is born

With this “revelation” I am inspired (Feminine She) and informed (Masculine He) that Goddess is celebrated this Christmas time.

Jesus honored the Sacred Feminine by expressing Her Love. She lived through him.

A Miracle

A miracle happened last week through a series of events.

I was feeling stressed about my business relationship with the 80-year-old man I care take. Before falling asleep many faces and characters were active in my mind’ eye, my window of consciousness. It was a very busy space.

Then a being comes close, face to face, with red lips and arms extended: Goddess Durga! She left as swiftly as she entered.
The next day I was observing my client from the next room and visualized pink light around him and then gold. I wished him love and peace. Personally, I use white light for healing and protection so I credit Goddess Durga for these new colors.

The next day my client was cold and silent because I had addressed our conflict. That night he softened speaking and acting with an open and generous heart. I seized the opportunity and extended our heart to heart conversation to include karma and unconditional love. He listened.

This man has statues and books of Isis and King Tut in his home. Is this a clue to our mutual past lives?