Wake Up and Slow Down

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My new friend, Rachna, introduced me to her teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. His words are meaningful to me since I have slowed down this month with fewer work hours and no commute (yay!). I now see that the more I work the more money I spend and the more I spend the more I need to work. Such an enslaving pattern! I am enjoying slowing down.

Wake Up and Slow Down
By Sri Sri

Often you are in a rush in life. When you are in a rush, you are unable to perceive things properly. This takes the charm, thrill and beauty from your life. You can never be close to the truth when you are in a rush because your perception, observation and expression become distorted.

The rush to enjoy robs the joy from life and only denies the joy and freedom of here and now.

Often you do not event know why you are in a hurry. It almost becomes a biological phenomenon to be in a rush. Wake up and become aware of the rush you are in! Wake up and become aware of the rush in you!

It is ridiculous to be in a rush to slow down. Just being aware of the rush itself will take care of it. Slowing down does not mean being lethargic or procrastinating, as it is easy to get into the extremes of either being in a rush or being lethargic.

Rushing arises out of feverishness, and feverishness arises out of lack, a need to achieve. Dynamism, on the other hand, is an expression of fulfillment.

The golden rule is to be awake, and when you are awake you cannot help but be dynamic.

This moment realize that you are awake.

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