A Love Attack

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It felt like a love attack, as my heart cracked open, greeting childhood friends at a class reunion party in Tacoma. For many years I did not attend these gatherings because “I had nothing in common” with people from childhood. Meaning (I can now identify it because I have moved on — yay!) I was in my multi-dimensional dragon cave and not relating to this world very well. That withdrawal began after Archangel Michael visited me and the fiery Kundalini force snapped the back of my neck leaving me paralyzed for three days. That intensity of light/energy rewired my brain and it has taken many years for me to ground back into my body — not as my old self, but as my new self.

After the party I drove the back roads of my childhood, past Collins grade school and friends’ homes, the woods where I kissed my fifth grade boyfriend, and our old house on Canyon Road, now in shambles and being swallowed up by blackberry brambles. I felt like visiting a sister in the area so I stopped to chat around an outdoor fire. A few days later this sister and I spent a day together on a road trip. This was a major shift for us due to my brain/body withdrawal. But, now, my heart had cracked open!

Grounding into my body has been a gradual process and is my firsthand experience of evolution. This is why I state in my book, S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings: “Light shape shifts matter and evolves consciousness.”

(In the background of this photo is George Perry who, along with his wife Andi, take photos and produce videos of our reunion events. As you can see, George has not lost his childlike spirit.)

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