Monthly Archive: July 2016

Between Worlds

I am not consumed by politics of this world because I fly into “shamanic” worlds. People ask me, “Do you do shamanism?” My response is, “No, shamanism does me.” I ran across the following blog post from 2012 that describes a shamanic/non-linear experience. Shamanic experience provides healing between worlds.

I walk between worlds – Seeing
I notice a new elemental sensation – Metallic
As I step into – Power

Less talk, less busyness
More ceremonial ritual
Vibrational shift in head
Changing action of body

Cords of attachment loosen – Pop!
Hooks release, seals break
Allowing new substance in between

Archangel Michael’s sword
Draws out toxic poison
Pulling, pulling wet black/white – Umbilical cord
Attached to my earth and Beloved Mother Earth

I scream and scream
A spell, a curse from long, long ago – Begone!

Sword transmutes toxic implant
Into brown (carbon) vine leafing out green (nitrogen)
Spreading, growing clean all around

King Tut enters
Egyptian Goddess with black on both sides of head — Isis
Wearing black and gold

Jaguar with collar and leash
Attached to me as body guard
Keeping watch, protecting

What circular thread weaves here to there, then to now?
What alchemical magic, black to gold?

Goddess and God
Seeing, knowing, doing — The work
Tending the vine
Connecting – Between worlds