Monthly Archive: June 2016

Bee Instructions


Shamanic drumming expands consciousness connecting us to a larger whole. This multi-dimensional experience is enchanting and I recommend it for anyone feeling depressed, lonely, or lost.

At the Faery Congress I participated in a shamanic drumming with Robert Moss. As drumming began I immediately saw an open fan in front of me (the hand held type) and began walking the pleats. It reminded me of a tread mill—like my busy life at times. The drumming started to buzz in my left ear sounding like a swarm of bees. The sustained buzz must have transported me momentarily because everything went blank. I then saw a golden oval mound reminding me of a gemstone. I was being gifted a ring! I asked what I could give in return and was told it was my time to receive—my time to Be! (Later I got that as BEE and that the ring was honey color and similar to a bee hive in shape. Enchanting!)

The next day at the Congress I attended a session with Jeremy Berg who has worked with David Spangler and the Lorian Association. We talked about talismans and I asked if my vision meant that I was to buy this ring. After discussion the answer was an affirming “yes.” Someone in the group mentioned that the young man sitting next to me was a jewel crafter. I now have his contact information and will watch for a honey colored gemstone to come into my life. Enchanting!

Jeremy commented that it was a good thing I wasn’t asked to buy a house! We had a good laugh at that. Laughter is good medicine and connects us with other realms. Be sure to laugh today—heal the chaos of this world.

Full, Solstice Moon of Dream Time

When this linear reality and dream time reality line up I know that something powerful is moving. My emotional state and these two recent dreams have something to say beyond ego drama. All I know is that Earth is moving in Fire and Ice.

Dream under Full Solstice Moon, June 21, 2016, 2:30 am

A group of us on a high landscape are anticipating an event
Mt. Rainier is in view in the far distance
I see a large chuck of mountain break loose at its right side
It falls on the city below
I think of the people, buried
In progressive waves more debris hits land
Large grey rocks fly toward us
As they get very near I see that they are space ships
I raise my arms to acknowledge them, welcoming
Everyone raises their arms
It is very dark and we are asleep
A discontented alien baby wakes us
We try to sooth it, a pacifier works
The baby calms and lies down between two of us

(is this the same baby from my last dream?)

Fire and Ice

I have been emotionally volatile lately. Instead of letting issues go I am wrangling with them head on. Is this healthy? Is it aerating the underground of my past? A time when no honest emotional expression was modeled by my parents. Or is this volatility due to the erratic new moon that has been detected revolving around our planet? We cannot deny the power of the moon on our gravitational field personally and collectively.

For me it’s like fueling the flames and seeing what the ashes have to say. Do I change myself and my attitude or do I change the relationship and the circumstance? I am still reading the ashes.

As “dragon” spirituality does not look the same way it did when I started my inner journey 40+ years ago. Back then spirituality was stillness and bliss. I was above this world of drama. Now it’s fire and bliss as I ground. Quite a difference in sound and hue. I (my logic) continue to learn from my emotional feminine side.

To calm our collective fire we could focus on this new moon in our orbit and offer it loving support and stability…yes, even as we feel unstable

The Pulling – A Dream


Dream, June 15, 2016

I am with a group of people and pick up incoming signals.
Feeling activation at my third eye, crown chakra, back of neck
I put my hand on these “hot” spots.
I feel something protruding at my lower left side,
There is movement, like a baby in the womb.
I place my hand on it.
The mass of land that we are on is going to be pulled,
We need to get into position.
We follow inside a boundary line moving back and around.
We have time to move out of this harbor.
We are attached by a cord at our front center
We are preparing for the pulling.

My interpretation: We are getting ready for new alignment at the personal and planetary level. This reminds me of a flying dream I had years ago written in Chapter 30, about Caduceus.

In a dream, at the end of year 2013, I saw how I am enlivened and led:
I was flying through space in one direction. A cord attached at the center top of my head pulls me another direction and then another. This gentle yet firm governance was sweet and I yielded like a kite dancing in the wind connected to Source.

Personal and Planetary Detox


I noticed an intensity of negative thinking running through my brain-body. It felt as if I was moving through a cluster of black holes that were sucking the spiritual light out of me. I questioned this toxic state and took action. When a negative thought rose up I caught it and looked at it closely. This led to the following lucid dream:

I am talking to an audience about metaphysics and I lose my voice. I try to speak, again and again, but there is no sound. I fight to be heard but I am pinned down at my shoulders and feet. I struggle but am unable to move.

I am aware of my spiritual allies and turn to them for support. I attune to my torso in between the binding and call out, “Holy,” “Holy,” “Holy.” My shoulders loosen on my left and right sides. My right hand reaches out and feels the tight threads holding me down. They feel like thin cobweb filaments. I swoosh them away and wake up calm and undisturbed.

I thought about our planetary body, Mother Earth, and how she is held down by toxic people, toxic air, toxic water, and toxic soil, toxic food, and toxic systems. As I do personal “house cleaning” the planet is detoxed. This personal and planetary healing is ongoing work for the Angel-Human.