Monthly Archive: April 2016

Eye Shine

heart to heart
I saw it in her eyes
No, it was around her eyes
A dancing energy
I had not seen before
She was animating authenticity
And I was happy to see her
For the first time
On this journey as sisters

I saw it in their eyes
A direct hit through
Giving and receiving
Igniting flame
As body language speaks
Its circuitry of Heart

Faery Congress in June

Goddess Rainbow

My friend Lindsey asked if I would be interested in picking up Robert Moss (novelist, poet, historian, shaman) from the airport in June and driving him to the Faery and Human Relations Congress at Skalitude Retreat Center. Since I am offering a workshop there I said yes. This would be a great opportunity to chat with Robert who is the featured speaker at the Congress this year. I decided to read a couple of his books and since I now live in a small cottage and have no room for additional ”stuff” I ordered books from the library. The first book to arrive is Here, Everything is Dreaming. My favorite poem in the book is about Goddess. How does a man know about Goddess? I am sure he knows many earth Goddesses as well as dream Goddesses. Perhaps he even knows his inner Goddess.

This is the second part of Robert Moss’s poem Women Dream Dreams That Would Terrify Men:

She sets fierce conditions for her love.
No man may have her unless he serves the Goddess in her.
No suitor may kiss her lips unless he brings her
a bouquet of poems, freshly picked.
No man may know her until he descends to the dark places
where she has been and helps to rescue her lost
girls and makes a place where life is safe and fun for them.
Her mate must twine with her as honeysuckle
and romp with her as a tiger at play
and make love to her in mid-air, beating wings.
He must stir the vast ocean of her womanhood
until wave upon wave breaks over her innermost islands.
She is Goddess and she knows it.
Women dream dreams that would terrify men.