Monthly Archive: January 2016

Love Story

I had a new experience of “love” the other day. This was not romantic, sexual, brotherly love or the love of nature. This love was Self to self, a unique feedback loop.

Feedback loops, from atoms to galaxies, make the world go round. A feedback loop happens when a positive charge engages a negative charge. This fusion of two is a communion and a communication creating an electromagnetic “song.” Humans dance this song through positive action and negative response. This looping design creates dynamic equilibrium. Why, then, are humans so out of balance? Why is this design not working on planet earth? The answer is simple. Humans are not responding. Humans are reacting. Is it possible to change reaction to response? Yes.

I was walking a client’s dog (yes, I get paid to relate to dogs, enjoy the fresh air and exercise) and had an arm full of jars with homemade ginger-pear chutney for gift giving. The bows were coming untied, the jars were beginning to fall, and the dog was stopping to poop. I felt the heat of chemistry rise and saw myself reacting in frustration. In this “speed of light” seeing I chose peace and calm or, more accurately, peace and calm chose me as I had no time to make a logical choice. I later wondered if this emotional shift was a moment of “mastery” as my higher Self embraced my ego self, guiding her to a more gentle response? This certainly was a moment when the light of my spiritual body transmuted the dark of my reactionary ego body revealing that “mastery” is a momentary experience and not a destination.

There is a song that sings me if I am receptive and responsive. This song moves Self to self through feedback loops of love.