I “met” Paramahansa Yogananda years ago at Seattle’s East West Bookshop, after teaching a “circle of life—mapping one’s story” class. Upon leaving the bookshop I noticed a poster on the wall that said “YOGI.” When I focused my attention on it, a blast of energy swooped in and “lifted” my head by the neck like a gust of wind. I walked over to the poster and energetically “met” Yogananda. I realized, then and there, that he is one powerful yogi!

I experienced the same energetic connection at Narayan and Janet’s home in Seattle (musicians who met each other at the local Ananda Meditation Temple). An energy in the room kept singing to me. I looked around wondering where this song was coming from and there he was, looking out at me from a portrait on the wall.

When I became unemployed in 2009 I vacationed at my sister’s home in California and stayed on the beach in Encinitas (where I met mystical Sea Dragons as told in my book S/He Dragon, page 138). Walking the streets I was surprised to see the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple that was founded by Yogananda in 1920. There he was, again!

I consider Yogananda to be a cosmic friend and why, last weekend, I was drawn to see the film Awake: The Life of Yogananda. I was so moved by his story of human drama and enlightenment that I ordered three of his books. This student now has a teacher, although my primary teachers will always be within. And this is exactly what Yogananda teaches: be still, go within and find inner bliss.

I am excited to explore this spiritual friendship.

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