A Flying Dream

I have had many flying dreams and share some of them in the Winged Flight chapter of my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found my Wings.

Last night in dream time I needed to get somewhere and began the long walk. A seat scoops me up from behind (at my “buttox” as Forrest Gump would say) and lifts me. I yield without question and am moved swiftly to the left. I am aware that I need to go straight, not left, and the current adjusts direction. I am impressed by the intelligence behind this force and wonder who or what is the source.

I notice something new in this dream. The moving current responded to my thought! I was an active participant. What does this mean? I will discover the answer organically, the way of right-brain intuition/knowing. I let it unfold without trying to figure it out. In other words, the answers are revealed. These revelations are what makes my life enchanting, from the inside out! My responsibility is to be present to receive the information. Another feminine quality.

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