Monthly Archive: August 2015

Love Affair

As I was snipping tips, measuring length, trimming to size and packing green beans into mason jars for canning I had a luscious feeling of love move through me. Was I feeling love for my beans or feeling love from my beans?
Love is never a one way emotion. Love is energy in motion, a charged electromagnetic connection and circuitry. Love is the flow of energy through matter.
And there I stood, in the kitchen, feeling “in love with” my green beans. I had planted their seeds, watered, provided their pole structure, watered, guided their vines upward, harvested with gratitude, and watered some more. Now I was canning — preserving them for future nourishment.
I never knew canning green beans would feel so spiritual…so loving.

Dream Time

Morning Dream:

I am flying in a plane. It suddenly turns left at a 45-degree angle and descends. I wonder what it’s going to feel like to crash. I open my eyes and see a forest canopy below me. I think any time now my life will end. Then I feel soft flecks on my skin — soft snow is falling. We land gently. I get out of the plane and walk to the front to see the pilot. The plane is now a small bus with a few passengers. I inform a woman that I have landed in this strange place with nothing. She telepathically tells me that everything I need is over there. I look and see two components in tan boxes reminding me of receiver and transmitter.

What does this dream say to me? It says: Fear not. Telepathic communication is omni-present.