The Sticky Web


Have you ever been in a co-dependent and addictive relationship?
I have and this poem reveals what it looked like.
The good news is — I learned my lessons and escaped!

Spider web woven
with sexual strands of magnetic potion.
Spider beguiling wanting his prey, needing his feast.
Ah! Here’s a victim so pretty in pink.
Eyes glazing, force oozing, he strikes.
They seldom resist, captivated by seduction.
For the moment it satisfies,
for the moment it distracts,
but it’s never enough.

He’s on watch once again, obsessing.
I grow weary of the repetitive scene
observed from my place on the sticky web
bouncing me this way and that.
One day, I will escape this web
and the poison we weave.
One day, I will be free.

S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, Chapter 12 / Fertility
Available at,,

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