Dream Focus

I woke up and had the feeling as if something major happened in my sleep. I tried to remember. What was that dream? It was hidden deep but I worked my brain to bring it up into consciousness:
I am catapulted into space, lost and out of control. A Being tells me to flap my arms like wings, as this will give me control. I flap my arms and start to arc in descent. I fast approach a ramp arcing upward and I lock into it in a crouched position. I stand up straight raising my hands in the air like the Mountain yoga pose and a victorious gymnastic feat.

What is the message of the dream? I hear several:
~ We are supported by Beings of other realms. Call them Angels, call them Aliens, they are spiritually advanced using telepathy and dreams to communicate with humans.

~ Planet Earth is out of control spinning through space. If enough humans “find their wings” we can help Her find a balanced course.

~ Yoga means union. It is time for spiritual humans to ground with Earth — victorious.

I have two upcoming S/He Dragon talks/book signing events and have not had the focus to determine the topic and language for the flyers. Today I read an email from Margaret at the Seattle Metaphysical Library whom I met at Michael Tellinger’s talk. Her description of my talk aligns with my dream. So I am going to go with this “Angel” focus. No wonder I have not been in focus! I needed this dream to ground me in the right direction!

Promotional language from Margaret at the Seattle Metaphysical Library:
“Book Signing by local author Patricia Lee

Hear her talk about the help and advice she received from her angel to not only get herself out of a deep depression, but to start her own healing journey for herself and the world around her.”

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