Monthly Archive: June 2015

Sound = Light and Form

I woke up the other morning seeing (via Dragon Eye) a golden oscillating “disc” that reminded me of Micheal Tellinger’s talk in Seattle and the dark “torus” stone that blasted its song. It also reminds me of the chakras (spinning wheels of Light), stone circles, orbs and now, atoms (this image just clarified). I learned from Michael that sound creates light and form. This “disc” does both. I am not exactly sure what all this means. S/He Dragon’s work is to listen, watch and communicate. I am only one part of a cosmic whole. Together we evolve in conscious light and form.

Michael Tellinger

S/He Dragon supports Michael’s teachings of Gaia’s ancient origins and his vision for the UBUNTU Liberation Movement.
I am thankful for his words last night in Seattle: “sound gives rise to light.”
The music of the spheres will not allow humans to destroy their home.

S/He Dragon & Mandalas

New Renaissance Bookshop, Portland, Oregon presents:
Circle of Life: Mapping One’s Story with Mandalas
Patricia Lee, Saturday June 13, 6:30-8:30 pm, $20

Author Patricia Lee never imagined she would find her wings. But there they were tingling at her shoulder blades with a mystical dragon attached, breathing intuitive feminine fire, grounding detailed masculine logic. Weaving mystical adventures with the landscape of her life from child to adulthood, this workshop will touch on the magic and wisdom of the dream realms, and how to move from darkness into the Light. This workshop will conclude with the opportunity for all participants to create a mandala based on their own story. Patricia Lee is the author of the memoir, S/he Dragon and has been listening to the language of the Sacred Feminine for over forty years. Inspired by her peaceful practice of meditation, she volunteered at a peace and justice organization and worked for eighteen years at a nonprofit serving at-risk youth and families.