Monthly Archive: May 2015

God, Goddess and Light

yinyang-snake2How and when did God become a “He”? Was it through the Christian church and the ongoing influence of patriarchy?

S/He Dragon has a different experience of God.

God is an energetic life force. An omnipresent (all present), omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all knowing) power that activates matter.

I call God Light. Not because I read it in a book, heard it from a teacher or guru. I call God Light because this force saved my life twice and it continues to shape shift me through the evolution of consciousness. Light is very personal.

Dark matter that I am, that you and we are, holds a positive and negative charge. The positive charge is masculine He. The negative charge is female She. When Light connects with matter these two opposite charges ignite and combust to create a live wire circuit and enlivened circuitry in our physical bodies. This enlightened system gives us Life to the degree that we are open to it through our mind and heart.

Matter is sacred when masculine God and feminine Goddess are alive and moving through our Earth bodies.

Can we let go of old “feminism” issues, seeing with new eyes and hearing with new ears? Can we begin to see the Sacred Feminine (right brain intuition) and Sacred Masculine (left brain logic) in ourselves and thus, in other men and women? Can we find a new word for God, one that is embraces both male and female?