Laughter — One Frequency

I had a dream last week about a man who lovingly put his hand on top of my head. The sensation was grounding, soothing, comforting. I told him that my crown chakra was now my root chakra – that I had experienced a polarity shift! I read that Gaia icanstockphoto23025096s also experiencing a polarity shift!

This morning I had a dream about a man who was similar to my ex-husband. We were laughing hysterically about something intimate we had experienced. We laughed so hard in the dream that when I came “up” into consciousness, moving from the brainwave frequency depths of delta, theta, alpha and into the waking state of beta, the window “frame” from which I see dream and see through was moving rapidly up and down in synch with our laughter. Our powerful laughter had rolled through wavelength after wavelength into this new morning. This is a good omen for S/He Dragon’s Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine!

My book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings includes ordinary and these non-ordinary experiences of reality.

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