Monthly Archive: February 2015

Dragon Fire


It’s not enough to attend church and pray. It’s not enough to meditate and do yoga. It’s not enough to know the science of quantum physics. It’s not enough to astral travel and meet spirit guides. It’s not enough to find bliss in nature. It’s not enough.

Enough begins when I excavate deep layers of my psyche. Enough is when I face my ghosts and demons, loosening and freeing them from their haunts. Enough is when I feel the deep wounds of emotional pain and grieve cycle by cycle.

Dark and Light go hand in hand. Spirit is just another word and spirituality is just another mental concept until I get dirty in the mud of my unconscious. Here my psyche is aerated and purged.

Turning away from darkness is not enough. Now is the time. This is the place. I am enough to face the Dark.

–an excerpt from S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings (to be published this spring)



I was reading a dragon book to an eight-year old and as I was looking at images of baby dragons I had a revelation.  My salamander dream from 1993 (shared in my forthcoming book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings) was not a salamander at all.  It was a baby dragon! This tickled me because this “salamander” proceeded, through visions, to turn into a dragon. Now, I have the lineage correct.

Here is the “salamander” image drawn by Native American, David Horsely, for my Community Threads’ logo.  ( I could not use this image in my book since I could not locate him to get permission. I will use it on the S/He Dragon website. It’s fun when revelations hit and one sees more clearly.

Emote Yourself


One cannot be fully aware of something until it is embodied, expressed emotionally. This is very different than knowing about something with one’s analytical mind. If one wants to know happiness, express the colors and sounds of happiness. If one wants to know peace and love, express the compassionate qualities of peace and love.

~ an excerpt from S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings (to be published late Spring, 2015)

Meet Your Chakras


Instead of putting all our energy into finding a boy or girl friend, lover, wife or husband why don’t we find our own inner relationship? The Sacred Feminine (intuitive knowing) and Sacred Masculine (analytical logic), our most intimate relationship, resides within our psyche and brain-body.  I witnessed these two meeting within myself and discovered how their “mystical marriage” grew wings!

S/He celebrates the astral body, its chakras and corresponding endocrine glands. This divine network downloads Light. It’s time for humans to meet their S/He and their chakras! It’s time to fly…free!

Crystal Dragon


A few days ago these words greeted me as I woke up to daylight: “Love is the reflection of radiant Light.” They had swirled in the deeper-dreaming vortexes of Delta, Theta and Alpha and now rose up to Beta consciousness and ordinary reality. I had experienced the disco/mirror ball and read that the flat surfaces or facets of crystals are reflective and the inside (if transparent and clear) is radiant.

I then read a Facebook post from Edgar Cayce’s foundation and learned about the Tuaoi Stone or Firestone of Atlantis. (

“…the Crystal gathered solar, lunar, stellar, atmospheric and Earth energies as well as unknown elemental forces.”

“An unusual crystal find [underwater] that bears directly upon the use of crystals as the generator of a universal form of power was made in 1970 by Dr. Ra Brown…scuba diving…near the Berry Island, Bahamas…”

Here he found a sunken pyramid with capstone, brassy metallic rod at the apex of the ceiling, and a many faceted red gem at its end.

Why red? Red is the lowest vibrational frequency and our lowest chakra. Why not green, blue, violet…or white?

From all this input I am concluding (thank you Sacred Masculine logic) that would be healing to do a meditation or shamanic journey as a collective body with a crystal as focus. What that color would be is known in the moment.

I “got” that NOW is the time to focus on this.

Crystals are speaking!