Monthly Archive: January 2015

Crystal Gaia Sings

Crystal ball

Last weekend I saw the fantasy rock opera Aeterno Elementum. There were many visual effects but the one that made a lasting impression on me was a disco ball hanging overhead. Each tiny mirror on this round ball reflected a thin ray of white light that beamed down on the audience. The enchanting rays reminded me of celestial Beings of Light sending Earthlings positive vibrations and healing energy. I received the healing rays on my body as if they were acupuncture needles. One ray landed on my heart and I breathed it in.

Gaia, hanging in space, is similar to this round disco ball. I had the impression of Her rays emanating as a “crystal,” with each facet representing a person shining Light. What happens when all the facets, all the people,beam rays of Light and  attune in harmonic frequency? The crystal raises the vibration of the whole.

Aeterno Elementum is the tragic story of humankind’s fall into darkness and included musicians, actors, armored knights, aerialists, and fire dancers. A gyrating, devious Demoness orchestrated the entire drama. The sword and knife fighting scenes (how many throats need to be cut to produce a dark rock opera?) emphasized violence and killing—the old paradigm of power—one over another. The next morning I realized I had watched humankind destroy itself because of unconscious darkness or ignorance. How does this happen? It happens when the lowest chakra (an energy center or “wheel of light” in our aura or subtle body) acts in isolation from the other chakras. This lowest frequency chakra is red in vibration and represents our grounded connection with earth. In isolation from the rest of the rainbow colored chakras humans think, and act, as if red lust and greed is our identity.

Now, could someone please make an opera about mankind’s rise into crystal enlightenment? We could call it Crystal Gaia Sings.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon

In 2010, after 18 years of employment, I found myself–unemployed. To celebrate I traveled to California. At sunset, on an Encinitas beach, I met a parade of mystical Sea Dragons moving North to South.

My mystical encounters never say much. They impress me with their spiritual presence and I listen, through the movement of time, to integrate their meaning and message.

This is not ordinary speech, this is Dragon Speak.

Sleeping Lady


Your highness, Sleeping Lady

Calls me to Leavenworth

And Icicle Creek.

I walk cat-like on boulders,

Sketch wildflowers,

And meet a fairy at the Fourth of July trail.

Fairy wants to go home with me,

I discourage her—

My home is in the city,

Not like this wilderness home.

She insists.

Rainbow Sister, Barbara


My dear friend and Rainbow Sister, Barbara English, has written stories about her life. Here is my favorite.

Lucid dream by Barbara English: I was walking at dusk and feeling very lonely. Then I noticed the reds, pinks, and pale colors of the sky. I leaned against a tree to enjoy the beauty. The big oak seemed to feel my loneliness. Suddenly, the rough bark of the tree softened to a fleshy tone. The branches full of leaves moved, reaching down to softly caress my face. A strong aura of love came to me form the tree; stronger and deeper than a mother’s love or even a lover’s love. It felt like nothing I had felt before, so protective and warm. I knew it would gladly die for me. I felt wrapped in this great love and my heart and being absorbed it. Then the tree slowly resumed its original form and texture and released me from its spell so that I could move on. But, the love stayed with me, even after I awoke from the dream.

(Photos from Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth, Washington)

Blue Suede shoes

Goddess Initiation

Gaia image

At one time in my life I needed to be in nature to re-energize and feel full-filled. I took many trips into the Olympic Rainforest and Cascade mountains where I did ritual, offering gifts to the elements of water, air, earth and fire. In these green, quiet spaces my soul and body were nourished.

In Nature, many years ago, I experienced Goddess initiation as Her elements of water, air, earth and fire fused my elemental matter. I am Nature! I am water, air, earth and fire! Now I don’t have the same need to run into the rainforest or mountain range to feel whole.

Now I look up at clouds and blue sky, feel the wind, take a deep breath, and look around at trees “breathing me” (words come through this intuitive moment, NOW). Does this mean trees need humans as much as we need them? The word “symbiotic” comes through my intuitive right-brain. My  logic puts the words//parts together: Nature and humans have a symbiotic relationship.

Goddess wants to fuse and initiate you! Through the practice of gratitude and being present NOW, in Her elemental Nature, Goddess blesses you with transcendence beyond ego identity and reality.