Monthly Archive: December 2014

Paradox of the Human-Angel


Archangel Michael visited me in a meditation (alpha, theta, delta brainwave frequency) many years ago.

He leads the battle of good and evil as we humans make our choices moment by moment.

In Oneness of Spirit we have free will. We can undo what we’ve done, and do what we have not yet done:

Rise on the wings of the Human-Angel.

The Tall Ones


I’ve been talking a lot about about Light and eye sight. (Language seems to be the first sign of something manifesting.) I am experiencing new activity at the Third Eye chakra, as if another layer of a veil has been lifted. Tall beings are showing up: the “Tall Ones,” I call them. I first met them at a Mt. Shasta crystal shop this summer and then at a nearby park and water falls, where I personally experienced this tallness. Plaeides. I am still learning.