Flying Dream (repost)

I originally posted this 11/7. It vanished from this page. I am reposting 11/12.

A friend and I saw the movie Interstellar yesterday. It features Love as a force that defies gravity. I am now sensing that the “frame” of pulsations has to do with gravity. Time (which is space) will give me more clues.

Friday, November 7, 2014 — 5:20 am

I just woke up with an incredible flying dream.

I was with women (a couple whom I know in this earthly realm) at an event, moving from one building to another. As I stepped outside to walk with one friend I felt a familiar sensation wash over me. It’s a whisper, a calling—to fly. I told the woman I had something else I had to do.

I then raised my right arm and hand, with palm to ground, out in a 45 degree angle, and caught the sweet air current. Up I rose. I flew circularly observing the motion and noting the terrain. I stopped part way around and thought I would stop every quarter section but no, this motion of flight was not that logical. I was not far above the earth and sensed that others could see me or know I was flying. I was okay with being seen, unlike flying dreams in the past.

When I awoke I felt something new in my brain body: a pulsating, vibrating “wave” was moving upward, frame by frame reminding me of a movie reel. I don’t know, in a linear sense, what this means. Being right-brain I don’t need this linear information. I blog it to remember and let it inform me through time.

Flying dreams are sensation-filled. An experience of heaven on earth. What word/s can describe that?dragon sword

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  1. Tammy Krider

    I really really would like to put this image of the flying dragon around the sword/cross on my son’s tombstone. He was only 38 and died from a heart attack. He loved things like this and I feel it would be perfect! Is there a copyright? If so where do I get it or how can I get permission to use it??? Please help!


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