Reel Flying Dream


Friday, November 7, 2014, 5:20 am

I am with women (a couple whom I know in this earthly realm) at an event, moving from one building to another. As I step outside to walk with one friend a familiar sensation washes over me. It’s a pressurized calling I feel in my body—to fly. I tell the woman I am walking with that I have something else to do.

I raise my right arm and hand, with palm to ground, out in a 45 degree angle, and catch the sweet air current. Up, I rise and level out not far from ground. I sense that I will be seen and this is now okay with me, unlike early flying dreams.

I fly circularly, observing the motion and noting the terrain. I stop part way around and think I might stop every quarter section but no, this motion pulling me in flight, is not that logical.

I awake and feel something new in my brain body: a pulsating, vibrating “wave” moving upward, frame by frame reminding me of a movie reel. it stays with me making a definite impression. I don’t know, in a linear sense, what this means. Being right-brain I don’t need this linear information. I blog to remember and let it inform me through time.

Flying dreams are heavenly–a sweet yielding to a subtle force–sensation filled.

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