Dragon DNA

helix ladder

This morning I woke up to the sensation of a self-organizing system. S like in flow I was reaching out with right arm and hand to another “orb” in space and then I was reaching out with left arm and hand to another. I thought of this as “do-se-do,” as in square, contra or polka dancing. However, I read that do-se-do movement is back to back and this sensational motion was hand hold to hand hold—a promenade! Since arms and hands represent dragon wings (in my experience) I conclude that a self-organizing system includes parts or orbs that hold fire at their core.

My core fire and dragon wings activated when my right brain feminine engaged with my left brain masculine in honest and deep communication, beyond surface chit chat. I see and know this dance through Third Eye or Dragon Eye as a DNA spiraling ladder. This seeing is not imagination of a linear mental mind. This Seeing is holistic, intuitive, knowing all at once – at the speed of Light!

Seeing and knowing I conclude that our core fire (as a collective human chain)  is changing the DNA of matter. As I write in S/He Dragon ~ how I found my wings: Light evolves matter.

Conscious humans unleash a Dragon Promenade into the world for the greater good. We don’t manipulate what that looks like. We don’t judge good or bad. We simply breathe fire because that is our core strength.

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