Core Strength

converted PNM file

I woke up Saturday thinking about the Solar System and how dark matter responds to Light energy. I thought of this as a self-organizing system, something that Meg Wheatley wrote about years ago. I looked at her website and saw that she was in Seattle that very day. I attended a couple of her sessions but she did not talk about systems. She is in a different mind-set these days. When she mentioned that she doesn’t believe in evolution I took the opportunity to say that I am publishing a book about my own evolution and that Light evolves matter. It was a strange interaction but a heart-connection was renewed in spite of our differences.

My core is more stable these days. I’ve had a couple of intense emotional experiences with people and I did not feel guilty, shame, anger or defensive. Instead I felt calm, stable, peaceful. I attribute this to more Light moving through my core–my spinal column where Dragon Fire moves.

I am a self-organizing system when I let Light move through my core. This universal force of loving intelligence shapes me and my world. It is effortless. It is easy. Life flows!

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