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A Voice in the Wilderness

I often wake up to images or information. I see this movement of “waking up” as a process from deep theta brainwave to alpha to beta of this ordinary reality.These brainwaves are nicely dissected into parts by scientists. I want a name for a new brainwave that sees, catches, wraps around all at once. This new name for an inclusive brainwave gives the parts an S flow with curves of the Sacred Feminine. Science and linear, mental mind has omitted this Feminine way of seeing, It’s time now for change.

Core strength moves me to be a “voice in the wilderness”–that dark place that frightens many people–that dark place that holds mystery–that dark sub-conscious place within that  humans want to avoid–that dark green place that humans destroy.

Today I spoke up on a conference call regarding what I saw underneath the surface. I spoke as a shaman, mystic, Seer and identified the dark toxic force that continues to harass me and those in my field who are communicating. This two-legged entity is being called out and the only reason I can do this now on a larger stage is because of core strength. Dragon gutsyness has gained momentum and I will continue to be a voice in the wilderness. it is a good place to be as I am not alone. I have a “ladder” of support!

Dragon DNA

helix ladder

This morning I woke up to the sensation of a self-organizing system. S like in flow I was reaching out with right arm and hand to another “orb” in space and then I was reaching out with left arm and hand to another. I thought of this as “do-se-do,” as in square, contra or polka dancing. However, I read that do-se-do movement is back to back and this sensational motion was hand hold to hand hold—a promenade! Since arms and hands represent dragon wings (in my experience) I conclude that a self-organizing system includes parts or orbs that hold fire at their core.

My core fire and dragon wings activated when my right brain feminine engaged with my left brain masculine in honest and deep communication, beyond surface chit chat. I see and know this dance through Third Eye or Dragon Eye as a DNA spiraling ladder. This seeing is not imagination of a linear mental mind. This Seeing is holistic, intuitive, knowing all at once – at the speed of Light!

Seeing and knowing I conclude that our core fire (as a collective human chain)  is changing the DNA of matter. As I write in S/He Dragon ~ how I found my wings: Light evolves matter.

Conscious humans unleash a Dragon Promenade into the world for the greater good. We don’t manipulate what that looks like. We don’t judge good or bad. We simply breathe fire because that is our core strength.

Core Strength

converted PNM file

I woke up Saturday thinking about the Solar System and how dark matter responds to Light energy. I thought of this as a self-organizing system, something that Meg Wheatley wrote about years ago. I looked at her website and saw that she was in Seattle that very day. I attended a couple of her sessions but she did not talk about systems. She is in a different mind-set these days. When she mentioned that she doesn’t believe in evolution I took the opportunity to say that I am publishing a book about my own evolution and that Light evolves matter. It was a strange interaction but a heart-connection was renewed in spite of our differences.

My core is more stable these days. I’ve had a couple of intense emotional experiences with people and I did not feel guilty, shame, anger or defensive. Instead I felt calm, stable, peaceful. I attribute this to more Light moving through my core–my spinal column where Dragon Fire moves.

I am a self-organizing system when I let Light move through my core. This universal force of loving intelligence shapes me and my world. It is effortless. It is easy. Life flows!

Gaia Yoga


I am inviting friends, new and not so new, to share their s/he dragon nature on this page. I met Larry Campbell recently at the Wilderness Act’s 50th Anniversary in an Idaho wilderness campground. He mentioned “re-wilding within” and that sparked conversation and friendship. He shared an article he wrote entitled Gaia Yoga. Here is an excerpt:

“When we listen to the Earth we can learn to cultivate our connection to it. When we become aware of ecological threads that bind and feel heart felt gratitude for the myriad living beings and physical/chemical process threads that are continuously, moment to moment, woven together to sustain our lives and the living Earth we naturally express the compassion that flows from that awareness and gratitude. I think of this practice as Gaia yoga or ‘remembering real ecology’.”

Larry Campbell

BIO:   Brought up on the loose in the Northern Rockies in tow of a geologist father mapping rural areas Larry developed a love of nature. Larry also enjoyed quasi-urban life when attending Princeton University. After graduation he traveled overland to practice purna yoga at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry India for six months. Fortuitous circumstances led to a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat with Goenkaji in Bodh Gaya India, followed by several refresher retreats over the years. He now practices attention to sensations while navigating daily life in the city and in wild nature. Several trips abroad visiting pre-industrial cultures inspired Larry to build an off-the-grid, “simple but elegant” farmstead in Montana which is reaching fruition after decades of whittling and digging. Larry has worked for income as a mineral exploration geologist, wilderness backpack guide, environmental activist and carpenter. Environmental activism has been his primary avocation along with building the farmstead. Connection to nature has been his port in the storm during these times of chaotic change. He has great faith that the evolution of consciousness will continue and eventually humans will deserve to be called homo sapiens.

Evol and Evil

Dragon Eye

Dark, evil forces and Light, evol forces move through two-legged humans. These spiritual, alchemical and chemical forces move through our vibrational, energetic and circulatory systems.

Evil’s stagnating energy is a downward spiral. Evol’s evolving energy is an upward spiral. When in balance these two opposite forces create a spiraling path that holds and projects harmony: sweet music of the spheres.

When out of balance evil is manipulative through harassment, bullying, abuse, and the killing of life. This trickery is applied for the purpose of submission, wanting humans to submit to the will of darkness. Humans cannot and will not do this bidding.

Enter Evol and Light saying, “Enough! You will no longer harass, bully, abuse, and kill life.” Light is here. We are not afraid of you, nor will we submit or retreat. We meet you head on!

Darkness has a creative role in the Circle of Life. It is half of the whole. Out of balance it is destructive. In balance it is constructive.

Dark and Light forces move through two-legged humans for the healing of Gaia and the larger whole. On wings we fly!

Song Lines

song lines

S/He Dragon follows song lines, those moments in time that touch ground and open doors or not. Song Lines keep S/He moving in an upward spiral. The following verse from the Holy Bible, King James Version, Job 38:31 feels like song lines:

Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or lose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bring forth Mozzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? knowest thou the ordinances of heaven? canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?