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Pituitary Creation

Love chemistry moves through me, moving me in the moment. Grateful I Am to ground it, release it, communicate it as—New Earth. 

Love chemistry anchors me in a timeline. I Am focused in Lens of Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body. I now see a logo from the Cancun meditation retreat. A circle ⭕️ with a red/pink layer around it. My Turtle shell comes to mind (thank you subconscious).

I Am happy in Love. Love chemistry is sweet substance pouring forth. It’s also dark shadow so that I appreciate the different hues. This tumbling journey is a Dragon ride. I learn to stay with Dragon in a balancing act of purification that is passionate/honest/genuine living.

The pores of positive and negative space breathe as chemistry. Thank you Pituitary for your role in this Creation of Life. I see and feel it as Dragon riding waves of dancing sexual (head to feet!) e-motion. 

Change Happens

Fusion is sweet. Like honeycomb. 

It requires two within to fuse. It requires two and more to fuse without.

I’m pulled to attend a meditation retreat. This decision used to be emotional. Now it’s both emotional and logical.

One week ago I wanted to be a Healee in the Niagara CoHeal group. This week I feel different. As if I know the infection has changed. Tomorrow x-rays will tell and I get to speak up about self-healing.

Fusion of Love

Boxes meditation:

“all in nothing” filled in with a snake skin pattern. Ley lines?

My nothingness is being filled in with new substance of energy and patterns. Ley lines? 

Porous skin drinks from the well. Moist and deeply saturating, enlivening. Kundalini Body. 

A Fusion of energy and matter.

Skin as membrane.

Google: The cutaneous membrane is the medical term for the skin, which is the body’s largest organ covering its external surface. 

Skin as a marker—between energy and matter—for identifying matter. Acting as a gravitational bridge.

The act or process of melting or making fluid by heat. 2. : union by or as if by melting. 3. : the union of light atomic nuclei to form heavier nuclei resulting in the release of enormous quantities of energy.

Fusion is the process that powers the sun and the stars. It is the reaction in which two atoms of hydrogen combine together, or fuse, to form an atom of helium. In the process some of the mass of the hydrogen is converted into energy.

Rock Love

My body has a mind of its own. It’s later that I get the meanings because I live through a timeline.

Meaning… before GOLOV meditation my river rocks at the window sill called to me: a smooth round one and a larger heart shaped one. Grounding!  One for each hand which was helpful due to the emotional content today.

GOLOV notes:

The face of Claudia’s daughter Kali came into Eye.

Felt “cozy” as Turtle in shell. A shell around me. How to contain the joy—all the diverse emotions of -/+ ?

A rock (logic) is in the middle of moving emotions. Grounded logic as She does flight patterns.

Half circle image (E/N/W) and I speak (as two) from the top:

“Come, Look, See with me”

🎶 It’s by thy Grace that I Sing Your Holy Name 🎶

Word Timeline

Reading words is like moving on a timeline of sound. Something grabs my attention via senses and I stay focused on it to learn from it. This non-linear language and way is Dragon Speak. It’s a relationship of senses and following lines that now look wavy as in sheet music.

Eyes and ears hear different music and follow a non-logical script. I trust the process to see, to hear, to learn—digest—what’s next. Whole Brain Knowing includes the whole body of senses.

Do words have a gravitational field? Pulled to center to be processed, digested, as in Gut feelings? As in Instincts? Flying under the radar? “ Gamma” I hear. I hear in words. It’s a crossing of wires because—I just felt and sensed those wires. Very subtle. As in negative space. The other side of positive space. As in between the lines. Outside the lines. Around the lines. I see ☯️. Timeline. 

Again this makes no logical sense yet it’s a process of learning what is the next puzzle piece. My wiring has changed. It’s shorter. Less complex.

This territory feels like that rabbit hole. I learn here—as the bird’s Dawn Chorus sings outside in the green trees. My ears attune.

GOLOV is a cave of silence rich with and set to music. Bear medicine. I honor this teaching. 

Gravitational Field

This New Earth body with its chemistry is in a new “state of mind.” (Thank you subconscious for brining up the words 💕) It’s holistic in its “sweeping” patterns. It’s gravitational in its “sweeping” patterns over the landscape wanting less information and more inspiration. These ley lines have intelligence giving and receiving stimulation. It’s the Earth Body on the move.

Chemistry is a powerful force that repels and attracts generating our human gravitational field. 

Bear showed up in GOLOV meditation last night. Bear, representing West, hibernation, intuition. It’s the negative space I find myself in with little tolerance for incoming noise—other than what I (this body) choose. How s/Self-centered is that! It’s the Way of Dragon. To listen underground and respond above ground. Dragon ways don’t always please the humans. S/He has no choice with orientation firm and confirmed. 

My brain wants space from external meditations. This will change at some point. Right now it’s as if my brain is self-feeding. Digesting? I’m following ley lines. 

Google: Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. The force of gravity keeps all of the planets in orbit around the sun.

Sweet Truth

Last night’s Niagara CoHeal was a deep experience as I asked to receive healing energy. The Theta effect was that I needed to sleep immediately afterward at 6:30 pm. I woke up remembering that the message during meditation was “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”

I grew up learning that love is given and received through sweet treats—sugar. Overcoming addiction to this false idol/god has been work, layer by layer. Much of the time I didn’t want to do this inner work. Lately I’ve taken new steps in awareness and responsibility by listening to Spirit and my body. As a result I conclude that ALL addictions are the result of “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” 

Addictions are ruts. It is possible to get out of ruts by going up and over. The higher I fly the deeper I dive shaking the old foundation of repeated lies (sugar is yummy) and illusion (building a gingerbread house).

Healing addiction is the path to Truth. Bingo! There’s a new line drawn in time—a new timeline.  I’m grateful for what I see and know here now. There is more Sweet Truth up, over and around the bend. My feet know the way!

It’s fun (as in Light work) to explore non-sugar territory at the grocery store; get rid of trigger foods at home; prepare new meals; exercise and BE in Nature more; do less negative and judgmental self-talk; be more honest/aligned with my feelings; communicate openly. 

Flying and Seeing

I read The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson 40+ years ago. It made such a deep impression on me. For the first time I learned why I was different. I was intuitive! I was functioning from my right brain! I was and am so grateful for this wise woman, Marilyn whom I met at a Human Unity Conference.

Page 296 leading into the three pages attached:

“On the common-sense level, we try to trace ideas from point to point, like hard wiring or a “train of thought.” A leads to B leads to C. But nonlinear processes in nature, like crystallization and certain brain events, are A to Z, all at once. The brain is not limited to our common-sense conceptions, or it would not function at all.” 

I was so elated when I read this. I was learning, for the first time, about my internal experience as a budding mystic.

Stress = Change

Stress. How does Nature handle stress? Through earthquakes and volcanoes caused by the pressure and movement of tectonic plates deep underground and by atmospheric pressure above ground causing changes in weather patterns. 

The built up pressure/stress that moved in me and through me caused my own tectonic plates to move. How is my landscape made new as a result? How are my roots opened and rearranged?

The week’s pressure/stress opened up old patterns of limitation. Twice I hit a wall of darkness. Not pretty. Not peaceful. I contained it well—until it needed to move. Was the stress a tapping into the wave of human drama playing out politically? Or an effect of solar flares? Or a tectonic plate moving all of us subconsciously? Or a Cosmic wind changing brain patterns? 

Does individual release of pressure change the pressure pattern for the whole? I thought just that as I was being moved by a larger Force.

I woke up thinking how I’ve avoided learning curves in this dimension. I’ve preferred being out of body and flying in mystical realms as Dragon. That is changing as I sign up to take private swimming lessons. Floating in water on one’s back is so very relaxing. I want more of that sensation so I am going to learn to tread water and get over my fear of not touching solid ground under me. It’s flying on and in water !!  Freedom!  Self-consciousness begone! Limitation begone! Comfort zone begone! 

And I thought that there might be a period of rest. No! The higher I fly the deeper I dive. I now have new lens. Are these lens at my feet? 🎶 I feel the earth move under my feet🎶