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Atom to Atom

My new morning and evening choice feels like attaching or bonding. I’m going with the feeling:

A chemical bond is an attraction between two or more atoms, and is what forms a chemical. This is an electrostatic attraction – an attraction between positive and negative charges. In each atom, there are positively charged protons in the nucleus and negatively charged electrons orbiting around.

Changing Boxes

Morning meditation is supporting me in changing boxes as I unify two opposite personalities (one free, the other trapped) into one box. Food consumes me when I’m the one who is supposed to be doing the consuming. Past life starvation, childhood loneliness are memories coming up. Yesterday I went under with a massive tsunami wave of chemistry and memory. And in this dark current I continue to rise in the morning, do Sun Salutation and jump on the trampoline. (Now I add meditation) Not so long ago I didn’t have energy to do this physical exertion. So I’m shaking this body up and changing my matter. I welcome the support within me and around me.

Touch of Happy Love

Highlights for me recently that stay in the spotlight until I communicate them. Once communicated I can move on. It’s a river of Life!

As I was feeding a bottle to Lucas yesterday I noticed again how he tenderly touches my hand, arm, face. He’s very loving. It reminded me that at the retreat I touched the faces of three people. It’s my right hand that likes to touch others. It’s a current of Love that moves with certain people and my hand expresses this Love. It’s very spontaneous — it’s a feeling that moves my matter!

I am feeling free. The other day I got into my new car and went to visit a friend. I felt like a “teenager” yet I never experienced this quality of freedom as a teenager. Grounding in my body makes me happy. Grounding on Earth and in Earth fulfills my purpose here Now. There are so many creative outlets for happiness. A rainbow comes in as part of this feeling and communication. My brain, heart, body are in happy agreement.

Grid Healing

N and S connect

Generating E/W ripples

Filling out the whole orb 

Micro to macro

Yes, to Earth Kundalini activation

BE here Now — Lovingly

At the retreat yesterday I saw why I prefer advanced meditation retreats. There’s more space and less analysis. My brain can breathe. I couldn’t engage in the “repeat” exercises until we were discussing the upper chakras. The person who I dialogued with told me how to ground so I could do this repetition exercise. She had so much advice for me. It’s awkward when my mind goes blank. I’m not a machine or robot that regurgitates language. Ask me a question! I’ll have a fresh response. 

The retreat was a bonding of community — for me. One woman asked for a healing session and information came quickly:  Lines N/S and E/W create a grid. Write words of elevated emotion in some of those grids. (Info I was given and gave). Grid Healing — parts and the whole.

Retreat Synergy

During the Retreat’s Coherence Healing a holographic image appeared above the three healees. I looked closer and asked for identification: Dr. Joe !!  Wispy white currents merged and circulated the healers and healees. 

I Am Woman

  • Leaving the box with walls
  • Leaving the box of limitation
  • Making logical choices
  • Discarding emotional choices
  • Changing boxes
  • Worthy to give and receive Love
Wispy feather

Heart, Head, Hands & Feet — in motion

A nudge from the cosmos. From me to you 💖💫💖

As a Mystic my Arcturian Light Lineage support recently shifted to Paleiadian. This is our Dragon-Speak message 4/9/2024 Earth time:

Download / Upload is
Upload / Download—
An alternating current.

Plug feet into Earth Grid of Gaia
With Positive/Negative charge
Electromagnetic in nature.

Breathe in through feet
Breathe up through core
Connecting this
Positive/Negative circuit
At Pineal/Pituitary.

Release combustion
Through Crown
Guiding this Toroidal force
Down and around
Your body and Gaia body.

Upload is now Download
In Radiating circuitry.

Like standing stones
Consciously aware humans
Transmit frequencies
Earth to Cosmos
Cosmos to Earth.

Activating grid
Personal and planetary.

BE Conduits of Emotional Intelligence. BE sure footed! BE Solefull !!

Whole and Holy

Spiritual intimacy and physical intimacy bring up opportunities for collective healing. This whole body tuned into the mutilation of women and bolted at first. Then with another opportunity I blessed that part of Herstory and Her body. Whatever comes up is blessed. This healing is the purpose of consciousness as one whole functioning network.

Ring of Fire

Top of head / crown has again been sore and swollen (more on the sides than front and back) the past few days. I woke up very early and my inner Eye frame was wobbling back and forth. I didn’t know it could or would do that. I did think “earthquake.” Morning news announces an earthquake in New York. Seems to be a “ring of fire” on top of my head and associated with Gaia. ??

Doubt Not

In response to a Live conversation: Doubt is not what moves me. Love moves me. Love personal, close up, active. More than social media and technology. Grounded Love of New Earth. I trust this creative process that moves me and makes everything new — like Spring. 🌷💐🌷