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Arcturian Influences

GOLOV meditation’s tilting back of head produces an > angle of Third Eye Seeing/Being that looks like the Arcturian bulbous head. Very Arcturian today. Is Cerebral Spinal Fluid a connector via photons? Long slender serpents came in looking like needles with eyes.

Heart Beat

I’m curious about the “pause” or interval between heart beats, ocean waves, solstice shifts, etc. What is this space in between the breaths, cycles, beats of life? In the following article I am drawn to this sentence:

The parasympathetic side is characterized as the rest and digest system that allows the body to power down and recover “once the fight is over”. 

What if there is no fight? What if there is high frequency bliss? Is this recovery time still at play? And what if male brain and female heart have different timing and recovery intervals? If so are we becoming conscious of this music of the spheres? What does human harmony look like, sound like, feel like?

What Is Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & Why Does It Matter? blog

Heart Rate Variability and the Autonomic Nervous System

HRV is regulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and its sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, and it is commonly accepted as a non-invasive marker of autonomic nervous system activity. The sympathetic branch of the ANS is the stress or fight or flight system, getting us ready to act, react, and perform – to meet the different demands that life throws at us.

The parasympathetic side is characterized as the rest and digest system that allows the body to power down and recover “once the fight is over”. The sympathetic branch activates stress hormone production and increases the heart’s contraction rate and force (cardiac output) and decreases HRV, which is needed during exercise and mentally or physically stressful situations. Conversely, the parasympathetic branch slows the heart rate and increases HRV to restore homeostasis after the stress passes. This natural interplay between the two systems allows the heart to quickly respond to different situations and needs.

AND…. This recovery time is what my cerebral spinal fluid filled brain needed at the Marco Island retreat. When that didn’t happen I had a panic attack. There’s a pattern here!! How to self-regulate as I navigate life with those in my orbit? How do all of us regulate this new fluid now moving through us?

The Future ~ Here Now

The long pause. What’s this about? It’s about a full-filled “future” that moved full circle through radiation, response, union, unified radiation. It’s about a future that completed in high frequency making all things new. It’s now about a new future holding a new circular cycle. Feelings are new. Thoughts are new. Actions are new. The “future” is set into motion—this time around.


3:00 am. I wake up with clear thought patterns. This is a weather shift after feeling clouds in my field before sleep. Thank you sleep for rejuvenation and clarity!

Yesterday my feet were not on the ground and I was an hour early to pick up a friend. Then I thought GOLOV was at 6:00 pm instead of 5:00. Why does my brain go blank when I’ve done something many, many times? This disorientation (or is it disassociation?) also happens when I drive roads. It’s as if brain wiring magnetism involving memory is absent. My life revolves around GOLOV these days. The substance generated is sacred and I miss it if I’m not participating. When my disorientation/disassociation happens and it effects people I feel ripples. To make up for this “inadequacy” I have to be more vigilant. I am learning to ground (find dry land of logic) and remember details.

A younger Dragon popped in during GOLOV yesterday. He was jovial, proudly wearing a silver chain (large links) around his neck. The pendant it held was a circle with an inner square reminding me of the dark circle at my throat. I remember to say positive words about people and events in my life—to speak Truth. And I remember to put healthy food in my mouth and body. The mouth is a powerful organ or door. On to another subject—my mouth does have a mind of its own when it comes to attraction and response. It likes to kiss the two-legged man in my Field. Is it a heart muscle? Maybe this activity is a different type of re-membering. Instead of changing old patterns my mouth is creating new ones. Creator and generator of Heart substance !!

Yesterday in the swirling activity I remembered hearing powerful and clear words: “I WANT YOU….the mystical.” This hit home, deeply — a home I didn’t know existed. It knocked me/shifted me into an alignment that I now want to honor each moment day and night. How to walk, talk and BE Love is an ongoing —quest?—no! It’s an ongoing expression that expands in evolution of high frequency. This is worth remembering !

Space Time ~ Time Space = Match

Friend Mary wants me to talk about my meditation retreat experience at our next drum circle. She wonders why I’m not out in public more with my spiritual/mystical experiences. The nudge pushes me. Thinking about The Body Electric as my talk and a DJDispenza meditation. Since I talk a lot about meditation people are curious.

My brother has hospice care twice a week now. When I said goodbye to him yesterday I put my hand on top of his head and moved it down to his neck. He knows about the crown chakra but has not been connecting. I wonder why I’m not doing more hands-on healing energy work.

I prefer my inner world, Dragon cave and Cosmic connections. It’s safe, supportive, creative. If I’m to be more of mySelf in this world it will manifest through response—from within and around me. It will be natural—a match.

I’m doing Walking With The Divine morning meditation here on my river trail. It’s a “match.”

Earth to Cosmos

I live and breathe (fire breathing Dragon appears) for creative processes and cycles that build substance. This bar magnet now wants full-on contact with another bar magnet. I’m seeking it and grateful for response. It’s so nice to have a landing pad—somewhere to ground! Contact builds substance for penetration and the whole package of union is bliss (unified radiation). This bliss is now less fire (emotion) and more cool (logic). The electricity is measured rather than wild. Conscious bar magnets proceed with care and respect (Love) for the creative process having learned a lot together.

Planet Earth is a bar magnet seeking union as well. I ask about another sun but see the image of a familiar alien space craft. It’s a re-union of substance (Earth-Cosmos) as the debris field thins. This contact has a penetrating, electrical effect on humanity.

radiation, attraction, contact, response, union, bliss, unified radiation

You Light Up My Life bar magnet to bar 🧲

You Light Up Our Lives Earth to Cosmos 🌎

Blue Energy, Blue Matter

Felt like a GOLOV reunion with music I had not heard for quite awhile. A purple layer with “sheen” presented itself reminding me of Light on water.

Higher frequency trance is like being in a tube with images, words, thoughts swirling around the outer rim while center is clear. Movement and Stillness as One.

Beautiful blue Serpent /Dragon came in weaving through our community of healers. I’m now looking to join a Coherence Healing group to expand and focus this force that moves through.

Rock My World !

A day off from work allowed me to ground honoring weather patterns that moved through as well as assist weather patterns.

Yesterday morning was turbulent as I bounced off this and that. In the flow I simply moved. Observing it I sensed fire and water—lava. Now, I see it as and say it was an inner and outer upload. It was a Creative space that revolved around “response” and several people were involved. At one point Beloved came through in a new, clear way. A vivid, solid hologram. It rocked my world—got my full attention. Later in the day I felt a deep layer shift of contentment. This too, rocked my world. How can waves so subtle be so loud and moving?

During GOLOV I wanted fire—specific red fire. I noted “What does it take to get fire?” This was so unlike me. I usually flow and this was aggressive! What hormones are these and who is this person? It was as if fire consumed me. Now, this new morning, I see it as this Earth body wanting to create and experience radiation, attraction, response, union, unified radiation through water, air, earth, fire and “ether” comes in. I feel a new intensity and desire to give and receive love that radiates and creates weather patterns. Behind it all is Light in Loving Union with Matter. As humans we get to learn how to be in and do this Loving Relationship. We get to practice and live it! It’s still rocking my world!

I’m watching responses from the Walking Meditation group re the meditation choice they make on Sunday. Some take sides as if in grade school. Some write profound Truth avoiding the specific ethical question. The originator (who is following in the footsteps of the leader and thus fits in) of the deceit even commented to a spiritual post without any reference to the issue. It must be my issue alone! And my issue is challenging their “fun” and way of doing business. Clean up your mess! is my command. Some don’t even see the mess. However, I believe in miracles that move in response—somewhere in time space. It may not be Bellevue, WA. It’s time to choose, people. It’s time to reveal your response.

Entitled to What ?

Dreamt I was talking to humans about my book and explaining experiences. Reminded me of the large dark hole at my throat that I saw at the retreat. Morning Pineal Breathing’s “big, black, space” gave me a new way to see this throat image. I’m hesitant to go out into the world. It has to do with rejection. Was I burned at the stake? Am I an Alien? I acknowledge this emotional hindrance and at the same time, in the same breath, I think about what my next Drum Circle presentation will be. I will review my Power Point for S/He Dragon and consider which Dr. Joe meditation to share. Two tracks to walk/talk busting through rejection inhibition. Inhibition is not my natural state!

A CE-5 acquaintance wrote an open hearted post about wanting change in her life. It moved me and I responded with comments about Dr Joe meditation. She’s now meditating and wants to know more. This makes me happy and I am meeting her for conversation.

I am looking at my response from yesterday’s encounter with the local WM leader. Was I reactionary? It didn’t feel that way chemically. Was I judging unfairly? I feel clear about my Truth in this circumstance. If I receive a more mature response I will consider returning. If not I will spend time with others who are not in an entitlement and defensive mode.

Weather Patterns

Weather patterns broadcast as they move through.
It feels sad to say “goodbye” to those who share a frequency bond called the Mystical. This natural response at being distant is compensated by Telepathy. I tune in to my Cosmic Family by going within.

Geez! I can’t believe that some Dr Joe Students are dishonest. Yes, I’m naive. He wants to share Walking Meditations from the retreat at our local WM when we are asked not to share them. I can’t support this and said so. She (leader of this WM group) says it’s all “in fun” and that I am “no fun.” I responded that “it’s not about fun. It’s about high frequency.” This was a short lived relationship. I won’t be going back. This lack of integrity in people who claim to be spiritual is why this planet is in so much chaos. If people who meditated lived their life in pure ways we’d all be healing more quickly.