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Walking With the Divine

3:15 am meditation
Unwavering and waving wall of protection like cloaking.

Membrane. ===||||||| —overlayed

Toxic substance pours out (gravy texture) openings.  Begone old limited thinking, feeling, speaking, acting.

“Commanding matter to a new mind”

Toxins thinner now. Watery.

Cloak of protection in place. Intruder free zone.

Light coming through opening spaces, pores, doors. Shining rays cloaking, protecting matter. Divine Design.

I listen and respond. Receiving/ Giving. Natural Harmony.

As in Light, as in Matter.  Revolving doors as mirror as prism.

“Let your Eye be single and your body full of Light”

Smelling incense

Divine design of tooth/root canal activating; mesh healing ==|| —overlayed

Writing, listening, hearing is like holding hands — bonding Truth.

“One with everything”

More incense, sweet

“Thoughts matter.” Feelings? Emotional Intelligence.

Writing NOW a unique trance state—grounded, grounding.  50 years of writing inside out! Telling the story of Light moving through this matter. It’s personal !! I love contributing this way. “Thankful for this moment.” “ Worthy to receive what you’ve created.” 

Poetic instructions. “Baptized in Light.”

Heartfelt Gratitude 💜💜

Divine Stress

Woke up to thoughts about stress. Stress coils and uncoils. Work related. Energy related. Balance is Life!
Definition: “pressure or tension exerted on a material object.”

Healthy stress follows “lines” of order. Lines are Divine Design.

Chi Motion

GOLOV Meditation

Immediately saw a coated wire so I googled insulation:

“The safety and effectiveness of the wire depend on its insulation. Both electrical and transmission cables make use of insulation to protect their enclosed conductors from temperature extremes, abrasion, current/signal loss, and moisture.” 

Then I got “grounding wire.”

Google: “A “grounding” wire…is a safety wire that has intentionally been connected to earth. The grounding wire does not carry electricity under normal circuit operations. It’s purpose is to carry electrical current only under short circuit or other conditions that would be potentially dangerous. Grounding wires serve as an alternate path for the current to flow back to the source, rather than go through anyone touching a dangerous appliance or electrical box.”

I remembered that Pineal Breathing in 3:00 am meditation moved as flow of spiraling Serpent, inhale, hold it, exhale. Rainbow Serpent!

Body has been telling me to sit cross legged on the floor yoga style. It releases stress. (grounding wire?)

Day 6 and eating clean! Tension with dentist—drama!

Funny that a childhood memory of my beloved collie came up in meditation. I remember crawling into his dog house! Did not like that doggy smell. 

Stress! I create stress but am learning to be in relationship with chi. Tai chi—move with Divine Grace.

BOTEC 6 Meditation, 3AM

Left brain brain/hemisphere very engaged. I might do this meditation later today with right brain focus.

#1. Passion has changed into experience/expression of wholeness

#2. Safety, security, trust shines as false rigid patterns dissolve—transmuting lead to gold

#3. Power Center. I Am. (sometimes words are the image as if imaging is a head light)

#4.  Thankful Heart for dark/light emotional dance of Love

#5. (JD words stimulate more words, my words) Receiving manna, food from Heaven. Throat

#6. (6/7 a bonded pair) Mystical frequency grounding in/on/around Earth

#7. Life aliveness. Effervescent bubbles of happy expression from core of joy. Cause ~ Effect

#8. White Star. Cosmic. Turning star, radiating all directions/angles. Crystal Skull.

Emerging consciousness. Easter Horizon. Alive frequency = Truth, Love, Life. Baptism. Earth is bacteria’s Petri dish of Love.

“Change that’s right for you” is healing attitude 

“Know it” through expression of Light—enlightenment 



Powerful Love the Life You Love meditation at 3:00 am. I was stressed because of a detail and now realize it has been stressful having a non-linear brain in this linear realm. The more clear I get in my stomach/solar plexus the more it won’t matter. Not sure what will change but I’m eager to discover that pot of gold! Kaleidoscope seeing tells me new revelations have begun.

I immediately saw a dark blue/white kaleidoscope above my head. It was like looking at the underbelly of a space craft. Then orange came in, then yellow. Then rainbow ribbons flowed in that horizontal 8 pattern.

I kept seeing outward/horizontally with 3-D eyes and at the same time seeing above/vertically. A 45 degree angle! The Kaleidoscope is seen from Star Chakra above Crown Chakra. A match!

Seems that inner lens is a crystal ball that is All Seeing, All Knowing and is connected to a Star of Stars.

The mind movie focus on Love was nourishingly sweet. Exactly what my Now future holds: Loving relationship inside and out. I Now see straight lines with Light rays. True sustenance of Life. 

Also tuned in to the connection between teeth/gums and stomach. The food we eat and the quality of air, soil and water is so very critical.
This morning’s bird chorus is now being sung. 💜

Silvia, our Meditation host, oozes sweetness 💜

Lines of Stress

Sleep is so restorative. I love sleep! Especially after 8 hour days handling two infants. It’s a physical workout. It’s amazing that I also spend this amount of time with the mom. Amazing how easy she is to be with. I think it’s the first job I’ve had with so much comfort. Thank you—to and for the cause of this effect!

I’ve been aware of two different lines of energy. One disruptive, the other smooth. I’ve watched this with one infant and now aware of it in my self and my relationship with food. Yes, there’s been an “entity” in the field. One causing negative stress that is unconscious reaction wrapped around nerve and muscle memory. To jolt the old pattern into a new design is what dis-ease and dis-harmony can do and does!

Emotional patterns of stress are different than physical patterns of stress. Is “happy” an emotion of stress? What color is stress? What color is ease? The answer comes in: “depends on Light.” So any dark color/emotion/action that is out of harmony can be smoothed out with an increase of Light.

It’s been an intense time (a year?) for me that is associated with the increase of Light moving through my brain/heart body. It’s as if the dark spots became louder and stronger as the Light increased. Resistance! For me food has given comfort. Comfort from what? Being different, not fitting in, not being seen or heard, not feeling loved. Food has been my “go to” for any emotional state—any stress. Emotion creates stress!  And that word can be made new as our emotional body is filled with Light of awareness.

The density of Earth amplifies stress since we all come from Stars of different light frequency. Our Lightwork is to integrate subtle with dense. To let new wiring wrap around Earth.

So I work to smooth out the lines. To let Light through Darkness so the two opposites can get to know each other in new ways. This work puts darkness in new Light. My body is ready for this new relationship with food that nourishes me rather than depletes me. It’s a restructuring of intelligence—emotional intelligence!

I’ve turned the tide of my obsessive relationship with food many times. Now to commit to long term with Now moments of consciousness—no longer unconscious. My body receives this love and care from me!


Such an intense CE-5 meditation last night. I went into trance, transcending this realm. Tall, thin Light Beings appeared (like rays of Light). Each one holding a book in their hands—a Book of Life. I inquired or zoomed in about the book and was thanked for my Book of Life that I’ve been writing and blogging for fifty years!  This feels full circle—another manifestation. Interesting that my infant whom I sensed from the beginning of caring for her was associated with Light Being, Andromeda. Also interesting is that I assisted her release from some dark entity. And now I’m being thanked. Full circle. Puzzle pieces fitting together.

At the same time I have serious healing to do associated with root canals. Bacterial infection, bone loss holding lifetimes of karma. The dentists don’t think I can heal this. I’ve started at a new level: seeing/letting rays of Light shower down through me and feeling fizzy bubbles dissolving the infection. I’m listening to guidance and this body no longer has choices regarding what food to eat. The line is very narrow now and I can no longer be sloppy. Aging brings so much to point as diverse threads in my life sort out. The most remarkable thing is how clear I feel about this whole picture of Light and Dark. ☀️☯️☀️

Intentional Seeing

Last week I noticed that my infant was distressed and acting “off” (even crazed) as if she had an intruder in her energy field. I had been noticing this for months and was intentionally surrounding her with white Light. On this day I looked deep into her eyes with intention and she went there with me. I met something energetically and held steady along some line while she had a response of surprise. She felt it! Something shifted in her field. This week she is a new infant without the distress and manic behavior pattern. She is peacefully present in her responses and I am so happy about this new harmonic. I’m thinking about x-ray vision that allows me to see into the depths. I’ll research it after my dental appointment today.