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Subconscious Terrain

10/14. GOLOV notes

We wear our memories. Those places we visited. Those places we loved. My memories are green and brown. Forests, fields, mountains. Lines I traveled now travel me. Compacted Love. Pressed into memory. A rock solid foundation that is fluid, flowing. My heart echos/reverberates green memories. Green Heart of subconscious mind. “I am the vine, ye are the branches” John 15:5

10/16. GOLOV notes

Rainbow arc spread across the horizon. What was at the end? Jesus! An open heart is an open door. The door of my heart blew wide open recently. What’s on the other side? More openness. A gateway. Wind current blisses thru. I “feel” love for my enemy and it is emotional. A breakthrough of unconditional Love. What is this center of Self that opens? I ask and draw a spiral in. Love is above “the radar.”

10/17. I awoke to the image of my friend hitting his head against a wall like the salmon at Elwha Dam that Dana sings and talks about. Salmon that had been hitting that wall for ages until humans smashed it to pieces letting water and salmon flow free. I saw a rock wall in a vision a couple days ago reminding me of Joshua fighting the battle of Jericho. All of us humans have walls we are hitting. The roots are in the subconscious where we have life lessons to learn and teach.

Green Crystal Cave

A memory from October 16, 2017

Hypnotherapy and Trance State
October 9, 2017
Past Life Session

I am kneeling before three Arcturian Guides/Guardians
They are very tall and hold staffs (or sword like Archangel Michael in the Bible)
From this platform I descend into a past life
A young girl in white pinafore raises her arms to welcome me
A green crystal cave is next to her
The young girl takes my hand
I am large and nebulous, an energetic being
I am Deva like, Deva of green crystal cave
An emotional wave of loneliness washes over me, Trish
I am lonely for home inside cave of inner Earth

(This is very emotional for me as I am guided by the hypnotherapist. Emotion validates past life experience as my Angel-Human reality. In other words, one is not a robot, a machine with a cold and empty heart.)

I Am an Earth and Star — Angel Human — and less lonely these days thanks to communities❣️❣️

Pranic Healing

A Pranic Healing class crossed my path today and I signed up. This has to do with grounding and that will be revealed.

“Learn to heal yourself and your loved ones with MCKS Pranic Healing!
Pranic Healing is a highly sophisticated energy healing modality created by Master Choa Kok Sui which teaches you how to use prana, the body’s natural energy, to accelerate healing.

In PRANIC HEALING® Level 1, you learn the basics of working with your energy aura, including learning to “scan,” (feel the energy) to “sweep,” or clean away congested energy, and to “energize,” or supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic deficiency. Using simple techniques, Pranic Healing can assist in healing everything from coughs and colds, injuries and pain, to chronic health conditions.

You will also learn:
* Preventive Healing
* Energetic Anatomy
* Self Pranic Healing
* Step-by-Step Techniques to heal the major physiological systems in the body, as well as how to use a protocol for your unique health condition

All PRANIC HEALING® courses are “experiential,” which means that you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class – on yourself and those around you.

Whether you are a parent wanting to help your kids, a business professional needing to de-stress, a practitioner in any healing field, or just a person wanting better health, PRANIC HEALING® can dramatically improve your life, and the lives of those you touch!”

Ray of Desire

The innate desire to turn toward and walk in Light’s Ray has been a creative process with ups/downs, ins/outs. This motion is held by desire to know myself as Beloved.

The innate desire to turn toward and walk in Light’s Ray with another human is the same creative process. This motion is held by desire to know another as Beloved.

The process is evolutionary and revolutionary taking one into new water, air, earth and fire. This newness is less dark, choppy and unknown. It’s Being Light as desire to serve in Light. This translates to service of Love that is orderly and logical moment by moment, day by day.

Ray of Love guides me. I know Love. I know how to give and receive Love — and the space between edges of this world, my world, glows.

Internal voice reminds me there are downs with ups. Is this voice still relevant? Time will tell. Sacred time/Sacred space. My utmost desire is to yield to higher intelligence of Light and Love.

The Box Meditation

“This body is a living matrix” are words that flowed through my consciousness (2:03 min) as one whole in response to this meditation. This consciousness is not mine. This consciousness belongs to the whole.

“How far, how deep does it go?” Meditation words remind me of the anchor I saw hooked into massive golden orb with tether that grounds.

I go into meditation as wave. I come out of meditation as particle. Particle and wave—waving, breathing.

I witness this new wave in grounded days and some relationships. It’s tangibly subtle like Spring lilac blossom in the air, like crisp autumn leaves of yellow, orange, red. Engaging senses.

Black and white/White and black revolving, evolving in motion of living colors. One whole spectrum.

“Embody it.” I love this meditation !!

Senses. Recently I began to sense that the Little People associate with subtle human emotion, that Elves may be tricksters and that waterfall Fairy Queen Octavia can be my “go to” for support in any whirling rabbit hole.

Last weekend I received a text message with porn images from someone in the local Eastside walking meditation group. (Another example of “fun?”) I responded asking the group if this was common. The individual texted back that he had sent it to the wrong person. This is another low frequency interaction and I wonder why I’m not leaving the group. I am learning something—what a clique looks like, sounds like. They call it a “tribe.” I may cut the strings soon since I’ve stopped walking with this “guru” as someone referred to the leader. Our GOLOV community energy is different revolving around heart not ego.

Who Am I Now ?

Edges to Oneness to an infinite number of creations. I See so many of them. I seem to “wear” them. What is my Identity? Who am I in this Quantum soup that just got good stir? I feel like casting a — riddle. Including that which is stable and constant and that which is turning. Reminds me that a saw a spiked wheel during GOLOV. Also saw an Ant being recently. I seem to want to honor them as I see them. How long can I do this Seeing? Today I prefer to Be. Seeing brings more questions. I want a rest.

Fae Community

Who are these fairy tale beings? First it’s an elfen male standing in between two. I banish him into the distance with sword of protection. They don’t relate or respond to sword the way demons do. They are of different essence. Then winged fairies and the entire Fae community are swarming around. As if they’ve not seen mortal love before. What rabbit hole is this? I’m not sure how to relate to this New Earth community. They are suggesting gifts. That’s comical. They’ll have to give me some hints. I offered a candle recently. Ok, I’m to offer gifts at a tree. From Arcturians to Fae. That’s quite a Quantum Leap. Over the years I’ve collected stones at sacred sites—in Nature. Are they to be offered again in the way I offered them in my Goddess days at Dosewallips River? Interesting that today I was moving these stones on window sill and cabinet as I cleaned house. I found myself staring at them. I love these stones the way I love plants and trees. But I can release them if need be. Another adventure along the Ley Lines of Love.

so many Disneyland images of these mystical beings who are so connected to Nature. I will look for images in higher frequency. Like Dragon they, too, deserve to come out of the dark and into Light — of consciousness.


Harmonizing of the Energy Centers morning meditation

I’m noticing edges that are “cushy” — holding a cushion effect. It’s a subtle and refined radiation/attraction/response/union field that is all at once. “Spontaneous Emission” is received so I use it.
Not sure in this moment if attraction is before response or response is before attraction. What if they are one energetically? I notice this vibration in my body and between myself and other physical bodies. (I’ll watch how this works in my relation with Light Beings more subtle than dense.) I felt this “glow” quite tangibly with my GOLOV community recently. I don’t feel it in another community. This is how I know where to spend time. I value harmonizing relationships.

Back to meditation. I “download” as I go here at home.

#5. Serpent eye! Why Kundalini at throat? Dragon Speak is not for mortal ears. Dragons hide well amongst the masses of ordinary flesh. #5 is Extra Oridinary.

#6. Serpent Eye moves to forehead supporting that which is below (5-1) and held up by that which is below (1-5)

#7. Serpent Eye does not enter here. Another phenomenon is present. I think of the hood around Cobra head. The Crown. 🌈 Rainbow of hormones via Master Gland.

#8 Moving upward all colors turn white. A bursting breakthrough, a radiant expansion of Energy and Matter. I see image of water spouting from Master Mammal — Whale. 🐳

#9 (my sacred # in this lifetime) Cushion substance connecting Matter is Spirit Divine = Music of the Spheres.

I love this creative opportunity to share inside out. I love this passionate living and expressing. Ripples vibrate expanding, gathering, embracing more people and more Earth. We do what we came here to do and It Is Good. God and Goddess as One Spirit in brain, heart, body. God and Goddess as S/He — fire breathing Dragon.